Wildlife in Chandigarh

The beautiful city of Chandigarh has only one major wildlife sanctuary named as Sukhna wildlife sanctuary and a small zoo – Chattbir Zoo. The main motive for setting up the wildlife sanctuary is to upkeep, protect and preserve. Special permission in advance has to be taken to visit this wildlife sanctuary. The permission is only given on first come first basis strategy. Night stay in Sukhna wildlife sanctuary is not permitted.


Different areas have different types of wildlife sanctuaries and the factors that impact the habitat of the wildlife sanctuary are its geographical location and the latitudinal value of the place. Depending on the conditions in Chandigarh, this place can be seen with wide variety of different species of animals. The list of types of species seen in Chandigarh is quite long. The flora and fauna of Chandigarh is quite rich. The types of species that can be located in sanctuary in Chandigarh are impacted by the climatic and geographical conditions.

Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary

Sukhna wildlife sanctuary is located in large area of over 2600 hectares and it is located at a distance of 1 km towards the North East of Sukhna Lake. The wildlife sanctuary is part of the Shivalik mountain range and is in close vicinity of Sukhna Lake. The wildlife sanctuary has large diversified trees, herbs, creepers, shrubs and grasses. Few of the most commonly known trees are Khair, Kikar, Shisham, Phulia, Raeru etc. Sukhna wildlife sanctuary is domicile for numerous Mammals, reptiles, smaller creature, birds and butterflies. The mammals that are habitat of this wildlife sanctuary are sambhar, langur, chital etc. The different kinds of birds that flock in the sanctuary are peacock, woodpeckers, red jungle fowl, barn owls etc. Many varieties of aquatic birds can also be seen here.

Chattbir Zoo

At a distance of mere 5 km from Chandigarh is another wildlife sanctuary park known as Chattbir Zoo. This zoo is located on Chandigarh Patiala Road. This is majorly known as a zoological park that is domicile for wide variety of mammals, reptiles and birds. The major attraction of this Chattbir zoological park is the lion safari.
In the seventieth century, the creation of this zoo was initiated and in the current times, this zoo has been developed into a large zoological park that houses large varieties of animals and birds. The major attraction of this zoological park is the excursion tour to the tiger reserves. During these excursions one can see large number of animals wandering liberally in the reserve. The large numbers of different species of bird are also seen wandering in the skies of Chattbir zoological park. The zoo can be visited any time throughout the year except on Mondays.

Flora and Fauna in Chandigarh

The large water ponds, green grass patches and larger area of plantation is considered to be ideal for the habitant of the wildlife sanctuary. The rich flora and fauna of the wildlife sanctuary in Chandigarh has always attracted large number of visitors: –


The different types of shrubs, grasses, climbers and herbs can be seen in the wide area of wildlife sanctuary.

The fauna of Sukhna wildlife sanctuary is quite rich and the most of the famous plantation are Khair, Kikar, Raeru, Shisham, Chhal, Neem, Semal, Dhak, Kachnar, Amla, Tut, Jhingan, Kendu, Kari patta, Musket, Amaltas, Ber, Bana or nirgundi, Karaunda, Vasaka, Moonj, Giloe, Rati etc.


The major habitants of Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary are different kinds of Mammals, reptiles, small creatures, birds and butterflies.


The mammals that habitat of this sanctuary are Sambar, Pangolin, Jackal, Jungle Cat, Hanuman Langur, Indian Hare, Common rat, Spotted Deer, Wild boar, Small Indian Civet, Porcupine, Rhesus Monkey, Common-Mongoose and Squirrel.

Source: discoveredindia.com