The City Beautiful

The famous architect from France, Le Corbusier, was the brain behind Chandigarh’s design and architecture. This was also the dream destination for Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of Free India. Set beautifully at the backdrop of the Shivalik mountain range, Chandigarh is one of the most well-planned and architecturally brilliant cities in the country.

Chandigarh_logo1Chandigarh – The City Beautiful

The name Chandigarh can be split into two parts: Chandi and Garh. Chandi is the name of the Goddess whose temple is the main landmark of the city. This temple is known as “Chandi Mandir”. Garh means fort and this is used to refer to the fort that is found in close proximity to the temple. The tagline of the city is “Chandigarh – The City Beautiful”.

Chandigarh is a city that is resplendent with rich folk culture. The folk culture is dominated by huge variety of dances and songs bringing out the vibrant nature of the people who live here. The well-known folk dances from this region are the Bhangra, Sammi, Teeyan and Gidda. Chandigarh is also known for its food and festivals. During the festivals of Raksha Bandhan, Lohri, Baisakhi, Gurpurab, Tika and many more Hindu festivals, the entire city is colourful and bright. A rich and sumptuous spread of food is mandatory in all these festivals. Though, Punjabi culture is followed predominantly in Chandigarh, there are also other Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and other religious cultures that are followed in the city.

chandigarh-picturesChandigarh – The City Beautiful

The gardens of Chandigarh are visual treats for the tourists who come to the union territory. These gardens are huge tourist attractions where the young and the aged spend a lot of time. These gardens are ideal for morning walkers, joggers, relaxing evening strolls taken by the aged people etc. The most famous is the Rock Garden where art and craft work made from waste catches everyone’s fancy. This garden is a paradise on earth as it also houses the man-made Sukhna Lake. With lots of sculptures made from waste, lush green lawns and an excellent ambience adorning this garden, it is no wonder that this place witnesses many tourists.

Most of the people in Chandigarh are art-lovers and they possess immense talent in this field. The theaters, ancient monuments, art museums and galleries that are found here in plenty are ample testimonials to this fact. The city is brimming with modern day infrastructure and facilities so there is absolutely no question of the tourist feeling bored here. The monuments, art galleries, gardens, performances of folk artists at various venues, theaters, clubs and many more keep the tourists entertained and vibrant while visiting Chandigarh.